About Me

Hello! I’m Cessay, a Filipina young adult who is obsessed with traveling and trying something new. I define myself as a go-getter and storyteller. A girl who never settles but always find joy in the little things. I am not a heck of a good writer – but I aspire to be one and I’m here to tell you my story.

What is Stories On Paper Planes?

Stories On Paper Planes is a compilation of my travel stories, my life experiences, my hard-earned lessons, my advocacy in life and a home for individuals with the same hunger as I am. This is a platform designed to be purposeful in a way that will hopefully help you with your struggles, your goals and your dream destination.

I have a great obsession with books, documentaries and testimonies of other people’s lives that always moves me in one way or another. I see the magic of how simply as telling your own story affects people to change their perspective in life. It motivates me to create and to inspire. I want to contribute to everyone’s growth and make an impact to people’s lives in every little way that I can.