Covid-19: Same storm, different boat.

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“We may be all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat.” -Pastor Steven Furtick

True enough. We individually go through the same crisis but we all go through it on a different magnitude and the sad part is that, we all tend to forget that every single one of us does not share the same kind of ‘reality’ that most people are living in during this global pandemic.

I am privileged enough that I get to be in the safety and the comfort of my home gaining all the sleep that I needed for the past months that I have been working but I feel sorry for our dear frontliners who were risking their own safety and sacrificing their health and their comfortable sleep just to help those who are in need.

I am privileged enough to take this time to catch up on my favorite series, learning how to cook and just basically spend time being at home and be with my family while others are sacrificing their time being away from their family while serving our countrymen through ensuring the peace and order, making sure that we get to buy the basic necessities that we need and attending to all patients whose lives are at stake.

I am privileged enough to have the time to pursue my passion project and what I love doing that is outside my 9-5 job while others are anxious and weeping because they got laid off from their job and wondering on where will they get their supplies needed to survive the next day.

Yes, I am privileged and some of us are too but let’s not turn a blind eye to the ‘reality’ that most of the people are facing during this pandemic because as simple as just ‘staying at home’ is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

What angers me the most is the fact that the poorest of the poor were put behind bars for reprimanding from the government to give them their basic needs that it was supposedly prioritize before they imposed the lock down. The fact that their family is sleeping on an empty stomach is enough for them to suffer, and yet the government put them in jail. I know how important our cooperation with the government is but they themselves are desperate and hungry. Yet instead of listening to the cries of the people they were being punish for it and it breaks my heart.

 A health worker were given Php 5,000 fine for riding a motorcycle together with his brother while going home from work. When their transportation is one of the thing that we should prioritize. The quicker they get to work, the more life they can save. The quicker they get home, the more they can rest. But how the government implies these laws, sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense! I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not that smart when it comes to politics and I am all for the lockdown and the social distancing policy to stop the virus from spreading I’m just saying that it could have been imposed better.

It breaks my heart on how we can be so apathetic in such time as this. It’s so heartbreaking to see a lot of ‘privileged” people condemning poor people for being poor. It’s a matter of survival for them and the least that we could do is to blame them as to why they are poor. I know that a there’s a lot of great people whom escaped poverty because of the choices that they made but let’s also be honest that not every single human on this planet were given the same opportunity as them. It saddens me on how people are quick to blame the poor on how dependent they are with the government and also mock or curse them when they go out of their houses to continue to strive ten times harder just to fend for their families because they don’t want to depend on the government. It breaks my heart how this crisis brought out the worse in us and how selective we empathized.

I hope and pray that everyone will wake up to this reality that we are all in the same storm yet we are not on the same boat. It’s time for us to break our ideology and think of ways on how we can help the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, and our real life heroes. It’s not the time to hate, it’s not the time for blaming and it is not the time to be apathetic as well. Instead let’s do the most that we can to help, to spread awareness and to be a blessing in every little way that we can. Let’s continue to stand up and speak up for those who are oppressed, use your voice wisely for the benefit of others and to speak life to everyone. Lastly, let’s continue to pray for healing, for a change of mind, for good governance, for justice, for love, for peace and for a better Philippines.

Thank you so much for reading and as much as possible stay and home and stay safe!

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