My dream job is no longer my dream

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It’s the 14th of June 2020 at exactly 02:02 PM, the first time I went out of the city after months of being stuck at home. And as the car passed by West Visayas State University. I can’t help but to stare at my dear alma mater until it totally disappeared right before my very eyes. So many memories came flashing back in my mind. I was like, damn, this is where the dream begun. I remembered the nerves and excitement when I first knew that I got in in this university. The happy, the sad, the heartbreaks, the doubts and the fears. All of it. It became my home for 4 years and where my mind and my life have shifted.
But I questioned myself after that thought, is the dream that I’m talking about is still a dream for me?
When I was little, I was so amazed by just seeing an airplane right beneath the clouds, soaring and flying so high. Roaming around the world and taking people to places. I wondered, what does it feel to ride that little thing that I would always see up in the sky? How does it feel to witness and to see the clouds on the window seat? And then that question became a dream. To ride an airplane and travel the world. 
Years after when I was still in elementary school. I came to know the concept of working on a plane as a pilot and as a flight attendant and that thought blew me away. The dream of riding an airplane have shifted to become a flight attendant and then after 5 years of being a flight attendant I planned  to enroll myself to a pilot school. To experience the feeling of driving an airplane in the sea of clouds. So when I graduated from elementary school, this was written on the year book under my graduation picture, “I want to be a flight attendant.”
4 years passed and I finally entered the university as a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management student and I’m a few steps away from my dream. This is it! We dreamt, we studied, we hustled, and of course we traveled. We get to see a glimpse of what is really out there in the real world of the dream jobs that we had. 
My 3rd year in college came and I will always always remember this one particular seminar that was held in our university for us Tourism and HRM students. There’s this one particular speaker who used to be a flight attendant for 8 years (i think?) and now a teacher in the university, I still remember her name and how graceful she is when she talks. 
Little did she know that that day, She opened my eyes to the reality of the life that a flight attendant lived.
On her talk she shared a whole bunch of information, from how she got the job, to their cabin crew training, her first flight, of course she never skipped the travels, the worst passengers, and the actual hustle of her life as a flight attendant. I was all ears because it’s just so cool to see an actual person who is living my dream life! It was all great until she said this one line that I will always remember, “after all these years of flying and going to places I feel like i never have given any impact on people’s lives. I craved for more than just travelling and working that’s why I quit my Job as an FA and chose the Academe to teach students like you, to share my story and impart the knowledge that I have.” 
And I knew within myself that that was the pivotal moment in my life where I changed my mind and where my dream of becoming a flight attendant is no longer a dream. From that moment I realised so many things. Most people on earth including myself dreamt of these grandeur things in life and then we consider it as success. 
“When I get myself a bigger house and a car, then I’ll be successful.”“When I get to afford limited edition bags and shoes, then I’ll be successful.”“When I get to have millions in my bank account, then I’ll be successful.”
but there’s more to that, really. If we’ll think deeper, there’s more to life than these grandeur things. Giving an impact to people’s lives and leaving such a great legacy is one of them.
Writers, painters, musician, pastors, speakers are just a few examples of professions that were considered as a vague by some. Why? because it doesn’t make that much money at first and it takes too much time but there’s more to just earning!
As you look around right now, you’ll see that those type of people were the ones who lived life with a legacy. Their books, their art work, their music, their sermons and their speeches was still remembered even after they died. I hope as days go by and as we grow older every day, may we have the desire to search much deeper than the world around us, maximize our own potential and live a life worth remembering.


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