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How many days it has been since the first day of quarantine? I lose count already. It’s a strange world that we are currently living in. The everyday news is just too overwhelming to watch. Death tolls increasing by the day, frustrating government officials, arguments on social media platforms, violence and killings all over the world. It’s just too noisy and it’s too much to take in in a day.

Before COVID-19 I guess most of us have this mindset that we are all too young and we have all the time in the world. Trust me, I do too. I didn’t really paid attention to the things that I love doing because I was aiming for a goal to be financially stable first because I thought when I reached a certain level of financial freedom that’s the time where I can go chase my dream and do what I love. But I obviously thought wrong. We’ve been on locked down for more than a month now and it’s strange how quick things changed, isn’t it? We became so limited in what we can do every day that even as simple as going out for a jog or walking your dog outside is now being prohibited and we don’t even know when it’s going to end. It’s crazy how our mindset and our priorities have shifted as well. I guess we all needed this lockdown for us to slow down and to reassess everything that we value in our life. It made us all realize how short life is, how death is indeed inevitable and how little we need to be happy.

After I graduated college I never really had the chance to ‘rest’ because 3 weeks after my graduation I started working in a good paying BPO Company. After a year of working, attending so many events and fellowships I barely had time to slow down, to reflect, to reassess the career path that I’m taking and to feel what it is really to live in the now that I have. Working on a different time zone is a bit challenging and I feel like all I did in one whole year was computing how many hours do I have left in a day to sleep. I feel like I never missed an hour without checking what time is it and it’s mentally exhausting to be truly honest. Two questions have been bugging my mind the entire quarantine period. Do I want to be financially stable? Yes, of course. But do I want to live this kind of life for the next years? Of course, not. We all get to choose on what we will prioritize because these are the things that will shape our future.

Today, I have decided to prioritize my peace of mind and my relationship with the Lord.

Today, I have decided to prioritize my happiness and what I love doing more than anything.

Today, I have decided to form new habits to be efficient and productive every day.

Today, I have decided to discover new things about myself and get to know myself more.

Today, I have decided to focus on the things that matters to me the most.

Today, I have decided to focus on discovering my purpose.

I hope you do too. We are all accustomed to the ‘normal’ that is unfortunately not working for us. I guess it’s time for us to embrace the ‘new normal’ that hopefully will have a lasting change. If there’s an urge within you that wants change and a new life after this quarantine, take this time to reassess your life and then decide. It’s never too late.

I know that this crisis alone is too much to bear for some, and that’s completely okay. I know how hard it is to have a decent sleep nowadays without tossing and turning especially when the fear of uncertainty starts to kick in the middle of the night. In the midst of all the struggles that we are currently facing, may we never forget to realize that there is God in the waiting.

Hi, I hope you’re doing well in this season. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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